poetry page 4

The fourthof five pages of poetry for your perusal.


Cannons splinter rocks

On high mountain tops

Frost kills soldiers.


Jan Oskar Hansen



Linked embryos

Carries a nun's silver cross

She bears our sin. 


Jan Oskar Hansen



Grim is poverty

The rich find it colourful

When seen on film.


Jan Oskar Hansen



I shed the shackles

Of the working class slums

Free now to dream. 

Jan Oskar Hansen



After tantrums she laughs

Cooks me a curried chicken

I'm often hungry. 

Jan Oskar Hansen

Missing Her

The love was more than food, water and 
hugs, she was the defender of the group, 
a sentinel that barked in the night. 

Unafraid she looked people in the eye 
made them uneasy, she saw herself not of 
a lesser breed, but as an equal. 

But, like me, she didn't understand that 
a body gets older and slower, I had a heart 
attack; she was run over by the train. 

When a dog howls to the moon I know it 
isn't her, I smile the melancholy is sweet
and brings good memories.