poetry page 5

The fifth of five pages of poetry for your perusal.


That first time
Long ago
When your hand
Slipped into mine
I felt instantly at peace
And when I looked down
At our interlocking hands
I was unable to detect a join
They were as one
When first we kissed
And we held each other tightly
We never wanted to part
When first we embraced
In that burning passionate embrace
Our hearts and souls joined
They are joined still

Paul Curtis 

Goodnight Kisses

Hey, I just thought I’d tell you, 
That things are going good, 
I’ve been taking care of life, 
And doing all I should, 
Hey, I just thought I’d tell you, 
It’s not as hard as it always was, 
I’ve been looking for my laughter, 
And trying to love me just because, 
Hey, I just thought I’d tell you, 
That things just aren’t the same, 
I cannot pretend I am doing fine, 
When my hear is a burned out flame, 
Hey, I just thought tonight I’d pray, 
For God to bring you back, 
Everything you had is everything I lack, Hey, I just thought tonight he’d hear me, And you’d be here to tuck me in, But I’m alone with no hope scared once again, Hey, maybe you’ll know, With me down here and you way up high, I still miss you everyday, Kissing you through the sky.

Cortney Anderson-White


Crotchets, quavers, minims,
ascending, decending,
dying on the page.
They meant nothing to me
and I threw them away
and just played.
I played summer days,
the night`s bright cluster of stars -
those things I always wanted to say.

And everyone was missing,
no  one about to hear -
notes emptying into the dark
while my piano teacher
listened to her caged canaries
singing away in the hall.

Idris Caffrey

Planets Mind

My beliefs are different to some that i've been told
I think the universe for example is extremely old
I also think that nature is so large it can't be rare
to find a planet, upright bipeds, two eyes and some hair.
I've seen a ghost in action and I've seen a ufo
I've felt vague telepathic thoughts
and sometimes even know
what's going to happen next
a bit like de ja vu
I've dreamt of future happenings 
that sometimes...come true
i think our planet is a creature living and with senses
we as humans are its brain, after jumping countless fences 
jung talked about a place, a repository of thoughts, 
the planets inner world of dreams, a subconscious of sorts
all moments and all life that ever looked upon the shore
is captured in the planets mind and kept forever more

this place we know as heaven or nirvana in our dreams
inhabited with legendary figures in their reams
we only just begin to grasp the nature of our selves
to include beasts and plants and aliens and even elves 

Christos Hatjoullis



a wormhole is a good way to get from A to B
without the need for lightspeed
to put it simply
a tunnel bridging points in space
as far as stars apart
a shortcut through the fabric 
of our universes heart
it's not an engineering feat
that humans can construct
but if we want to travel far and wide 
we should deduct
some time from doing other things
like making wads of money
and figure out a way to get out there and find some cosmic honey

Christos Hatjoullis



countless folk are broke
but still a few have many 
things that they dont need
that certainly dont feed
much more than over
stimulated unnecessary greed
the world is large and round 
but mostly not of ground
and water there is plenty
but not that much to drink
land is always grabbed from

those to tend to need it
those who cant afford to buy food
but who grow it and they feed it
to their children and their families

there's never much left over
a little cash to buy scant goods
a second hand pullover

Christos Hatjoullis



chicken flu chicken flu where are you
you came across a mountain 
and i'm sure i heard ‘atchoo'
a swan was diagnosed 
as dead of certain causes
enough to fill with dread
some people from all quarters
an epidemic forecast 
a plan to act in time
lets see if this blows over
or is something less sublime

Christos Hatjoullis


The Dance

the story makes for quite a dance
the consciousness within a trance
for all is well and well is good
and good is how it damn well should
be for the story must go on
as a show would star or none
a chapter opens another folds 
a mother suckles bread grows moulds
a tadpole turns into a frog
whilst fungus eats upon a log
the forest is a home to many
cities burn and people bury
memories rubbish dreams ideas
the world is also full of seers
as minds evolve they co-create 
a deepening division based on hate
while loves still flourishes
theres a chance that we continue
on the dance 
freedom passes hand from hand
laws and customs through the land
pigeons beckon food for all 
homeless people 'seen it all'
buses tramways cars collide
rock our boats the ground doth slide

Christos Hatjoullis



ufos are strange old things 
aliens, plain weird
some have big round bulbous heads 
and others have a beard
flying saucers come and go
and sightings are quite clearly 
evidence of ET life but humans hold on dearly
to the notion that we as people are utterly unique
i find the thought that we're alone in space so vast, so bleak
planets, moons and oceans are a common element 
of a greater scheme of nature 
whose discovery we are meant
to find in time to save ourselves
from early doors as species
a better fate than current course 
to die in our own faeces

Christos Hatjoullis


String Theory

one string 2 string 
red string blue string 
are you like spaghetti
or are you like a shoestring
do you coil infinitely 
or represent infinity
is your course pre-set to go
or are you flotsam in the flow
your mathematical ambiguity
creates a shroud of emnity
so science and humanity
are yearning for acuity
like maker you cannot be proved
the act of looking shows you moved
a forced observance stretches mind
of our weak ill enabled kind
a creature trapped in beast and blood
seeks further knowledge for own good
so keep your secrets locked away
until a more enlightened day
the power coiled within your spring
increases danger it may bring
a warring animal like man
would use your beauty how it can 
to secure resources and time
we are not ready 
do not unwind

Christos Hatjoullis



gaia states that earth's a living creature
but what if our home planet's just a feature
of a system that's been going 
for longer thank we think 
where universe events that live and die in just a wink
in the eye of an uncreature
in a garden made of rhyme
sitting watching seasons pass 
along the river of untime

Christos Hatjoullis


Wind Mill

wind mill
turning blade
clean and safe
why oppose on grounds 
of views 
unsightly landscapes
instead it's said that nuclear is 
much better 
although radioactivity is known to last forever
almost anyway
time that we can't contemplate
harnessing free energy 
becomes our generations fate

Christos Hatjoullis



far, near where's the seer ?
up above, around you,
what could make things far more clear ?
an Object Flying, perhaps two,
mind of photonic twinned pair
leads all the way to much flight
steady uphill climb there
to a future that is all bright
zero point energy field
sitting in the dark
waiting for a switch to yield
more power gleaned as per quark
than all the science ever thought
that energy could hold
a secret source some would purport
of secrets known untold.
the dreams of science fiction
realised within the year
the overcome of friction
leading final death of fear
a pleasant sky with untold hope
a smile upon all faces
when once in dark did humans grope
for contact with space races.
all is calm and all is clear
gravity leaks within
a little comprehension allows
far travel at your whim

Christos Hatjoullis